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11 February 2009

Apps that work together

Android applications can easily be linked together using intents. One example of this involves Shazam, MySpace, and the Amazon MP3 Store. Once Shazam has identified a song, you can also search for the artist's official MySpace profile page or buy the song via via the Amazon MP3 app. Here, the three developers behind these apps talk about how they accomplished this:

To hear more about how the MySpace app for Android was built and lessons learned, watch Matt Kanninen:

Tomasz Zawada of Shazam also talks about his opinions on the Android platform and has some tips for developers building Android apps:

These and the other Android app developer videos can be found here.

01 December 2008

Behind the apps: Amazed

This week's developer video features Jason Tomlinson of Hands-On Mobile. He wrote Amazed, an application open sourced in the apps-for-android project. Things Jason mentions in the videos include:

  • Amazed was built primarily to get familiar with the accelerometer. This helped him in his work on Guitar Hero® World Tour Mobile for Android.
  • Using traceview to track down which methods take the most CPU cycles.

This and other Android developer videos can be found here.

07 November 2008

Behind the apps: Amazon and imeem

Last week we introduced a couple Android developers who shared how they built their Android apps and gave their insight into Android app development. This week, we have videos of two developers who've built music-related apps.

The first is of Allan Hsu—he wrote imeem's Android app. A couple of things he mentions in his videos:

The second video features Casey Langen—he wrote the Amazon MP3 for Android app. Things he mentions in the videos include:

Check out other Android developer videos here: Android App Developers.

28 October 2008

The stories behind the apps

As we mentioned yesterday, the Android Market is now open for developers to upload their applications. I'm pretty excited because Market, along with the availability of the first Android-powered phone and the Android 1.0 SDK, puts the basic pieces of the Android platform into place for developers to create and distribute their apps.

To help developers better understand what's available to them, we've collected stories from some Android application developers. In the videos, you'll hear them talk about how they built their apps, their takes on the Android platform, and also some tips they want to share with other developers. I think they have a lot of insight to share about Android application development, so I hope you'll find these videos useful.

Here are the first two developers in this series:

Jeff Sharkey is an ADC finalist—he built CompareEverywhere.

Jacob Abrams is from Glu Mobile and helped to build their first Android app, Bonsai Blast.

Keep an eye on this blog, our YouTube channel, or the playlist for this series for more of these videos in the coming weeks.